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    Here’s how we help you grow at every stage of your career, whether you are starting in the profession or a seasoned Real Estate pro. Our commitment is to offer a set of services and packages that grows with you:

    Independent agent

    Our compensation packages are designed with flexibility in mind, and give you the opportunity to adapt it semi-annually as your needs evolve. As an independent agent or as someone that is just starting in the profession, you will enjoy these services at Barnett Renderos: transaction coordinator, professional photography, marketing and design, DocuSign, and more. Our goal is to make it easier to launch and grow a successful career.

    Seasoned agent

    We understand that seasoned pros often have their own way of doing things, and value independence. Our packages are flexible and are designed to complement how you work — at any stage of your career! To the seasoned pro, Barnett Renderos offers convenient access to our many professional services, plus other incentives, for a monthly affiliation subscription or a yearly membership fee.

    Help grow the team, and share in the rewards

    You can supplement your sales income by referring other agents; and, if the agent that you referred joins us, you’ll receive a 5% commission on every sale they make, as long you’re both agents at Barnett Renderos.*

    Join our team and be part of the family.

    * Restrictions apply. Contact us for details.

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